Sunday, September 27, 2009

Esther Moore

Eddison and Esther

Esther lost her mother about 9 years ago. She was going through a tough time. While she was in the hospital she prayed, “What do I do?” and she heard a voice say, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” She didn’t realize the source until much later. A friend of hers had invited her to attend church several times but she had always turned her down. She decided that she would go to church and surprise her friend. The missionaries contacted her and she accepted the gospel and was baptized 5 August 2001. It was very easy for Esther to accept the gospel as it answered a lot of her concerns, especially about repentance and forgiveness. Esther knew there had to be more than just a heaven and a hell. She became a very active member of the branch and served in each of the organizations.

She moved to Tobago over two years ago and the branch wasn’t in existence then. She met Eddison and they became a couple. We arrived a year ago and contacted her. She had promised herself that she wouldn’t ever turn the missionaries away, since they had special meaning to her. We have visited her at least every month. She introduced us to Eddison on our second visit so that we would know why she felt she couldn’t come to church. We explained her options. Elder Ross has given her a couple of blessings for health and comfort. We gave her a Book of Mormon because she left hers in Trinidad. She has enjoyed the Liahona’s and article we found for her. She has promised to attend church, but never quite made it until last week. I called to tell her that we would be here only two more Sundays. She said she had to go to Trinidad and would be back on Monday. She said she would be here next week. She and Eddison walked in just after the opening hymn started. She wanted to surprise us.

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