Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another one of the goats near the branch building has been tied to this old car. I helped him out but he was still tangled up around the post between the doors. Where ever there is grass you might see staked goats or sheep. His owner will be home soon and he lives nearby.

Banana trees produce once and are cut down. This one is on the other side of the fence by our patio. It is interesting to watch the bananas develop. Each leaf of the bulb lifts up and reveals a bunch of baby bananas that grow into full sized bananas. We love the bananas we get here. They can be purchased in fruit stands all over the island.
I seem to have an obsession with flowers. The pink ones are tiny and grow all over a junk pile near the branch building. The white ones and yellow ones are on bushes everywhere. A white one is in front of our apartment. The purple one and the aloe vera are in our small yard.

Seminary Enrollee

There are several goats that are outside the church. We have watched this one since he was a baby. He loves his head scratched.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chickens everywhere

There are chickens all over the island. It is so fun to watch the new baby chicks. It is hard to get close to them for a picture.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Zone Conference

Sunday we had the missionaries over for lunch. We picked them up at 5:40 am the next morning to take them to the airport to catch their 7:00 am flight to Trinidad. We followed them 40 minutes later, since we couldn't get on the same flight. As a result, we were a few minutes late to Zone Confernce that started at 8:30 am. It was an excellent meeting as usual. We ended the meeting where everyone had a chance to express his/her feelings and testimony. We went around the room, consequently, we were next to last. The meeting ended at 2:00 pm, then we had lunch. We had a brief exit interview with President Robison then headed to the airport and returned home by 6:30 pm.

It was the last ZC with the Robisons. They will leave for home at the end of the month. President Robison will be teaching organizational behavior at BYU in the fall.

Transfers are next week. We get to keep both our our elders for another transfer! They are doing a great job. (Elder Jones, Elder Jarvis)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Season, Welcome

Our end of the island had been very brown since the dry season started in March. It happened gradually until all of the sudden you realized that many of the trees are leafless and the grass is all brown. Some of the dry trees started blooming in May, which signals that the wet season is coming.

This is a cotton tree. Before the hurricane of 1963, cotton was a major crop. We have only seen a few of them around the island. Brother Jasper told us that after slavery was abolished, the people cut them all down because they hated them so much.

This is a mango tree in bloom. Mango trees are all over the island. There are several varieties. We made mango mousse for dinner Sunday for the missionaries. Sister Robison had made it for us when we were in Trinidad.

We love watching this herd of sheep that hang out up and down this road that connects to the highway. We have seen them across the highway. Usually, sheep and goats, or at least a few of them, are tethered so they don't wander. Notice the dry grass they are eating. In a couple of weeks, the grass will be a beautiful green.

Note the cool bird in the grass.

Sure enough, June 1 we had a massive down pour. It has rained fairly regularly since. Last Saturday was the big football game between Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica played in the Dwight Yorke Stadium. Yorke was one of the players so it was fun to watch part of it on TV. As we watched the game, it started pouring at the stadium and all the players were soaked and sliding on the grass. It didn’t rain a drop at our apartment! You would think that if it rained one place on this small island it would rain all over it. Not so. We went to Roxborough to visit the Dookran’s, who live near the rain forest, on Friday and noticed that it was looking brown as well and they hadn’t had as much rain as we have since June 1.

It has been fun to notice the grass greening up and the trees looking much better since it has started raining more regularly. The rain was a good excuse for some of our members to stay home on Sunday. It is common during the rainy season. The down side for us has been the increased humidity.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hillsborough Dam

It has been several weeks since we have gone on an outing on our P Day. We thought it would be fun to see the Hillsborough Dam and the reservior for the Tobago water supply. It was not to be. We could get to the area and see the spillway shown in the right corner above, but we couldn't get to the water. We did hike up the road at the end of the pavement for about 20 minutes and saw gorgeous trees and foilage. We had heard the tours to the area were canceled a few years ago. On the way to the dam we found the Green Hill water fall. It was a delightful spot. The pictures below were taken there as well as the one on the bottom in the above collage.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Wedding

Congratulations! Lauren and Devin!

Our oldest grandchild is getting married today in the Salt Lake Temple. We are sorry we will miss her wedding. Our hearts and prayers are with her today.

We love you!

Click Here to see Lauren and Devin

Monday, June 1, 2009

We love baptisms!

Elder Jarvis baptized Shackelar Braithwaite and Elder Ross baptized Pauline Braithwaite on Saturday, May 30 at Ft Granby. What beautiful baptisms. Pauline wants to know what she needs to do to go to the temple.

Elder Jones conducted the serive. Melvin Bovell gave a talk on baptism. President Ramkissoon (going to the Santo Domingo Temple take out his endowments and be sealed to his wife on June 16) welcomed them and Sister Ross gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. The testimonies were wonderful and the spirit was stong.

Both were given the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday by Elder Ross and presented as the newest members of the Tobago Branch.

Brother Gamiette competes in Tobago

We picked up Brother Gamiette (He will be our new mission president July 1) at the airport on Thursday afternoon at 3:45 pm. He came to compete in the Toyota Rainbow Cup International Triathlon & 5 K run held on Saturday. His bike didn't arrive with him. He was distraught.

He has been training for a long time to compete in a triathlon but they always seem to be held on Sunday and he hadn't yet achieved his desired goal. He decided to give it one more try, since once he becomes a mission president he would have to postpone the goal for 3 years and then get in shape again. Low and behold, there was a triathlon scheduled on Tobago on a Saturday. His next problem was getting the finances for the plane ticket from Guadalupe to Tobago. During a recent trip, Liat goofed up his ticket and it took him 24 hours to get to his destination, so the airline compensated him with a ticket anywhere he wanted to go. Of course, his problem was solved. He had airfare to compete. He claimed his goal was "just to finish", but we could tell from several things that happened, he was pretty serious about it.

We took him to the course so he could drive it an see the hills, etc. While we were at Stone Haven for him to register and see about a bike if he didn't get his in time, I received a phone call from the airport. They had his bike. I said can we come get it? The answer was not until 11 on Friday even after my pleading. He called the lady back and said, "we are coming to get the bike, we will be there in 10 minutes". He told us that you can't ask, you just have to tell them. It sure worked. We did get the bike, which he assembled Friday morning. We took him over so he could swim, bike and run the course. He then slept away the afernoon while we did our seminary activity.

Elder and Sister Green, who were here for the seminary activity, took him to his Friday night meeting for the competition. The Green's picked him up at 6:30 am on Saturday to begin the preparation for the 9 am start time. We were unable to go because we had a baptism on the other side of the island at 9:00 am. We didn't seem him again until they came for dinner at 6:30 Sat night after the awards ceremony. He placed 2nd in his age catagory. He was very pleased with his performance.

To cap off the weekend, we had a great sacrament meeting with the Green's and Brother Gamiette as the featured speakers. They all gave excellent talks. The branch members were thrilled to meet Brother Gamiette.