Saturday, January 31, 2009

We love baptisms!

The Zone Leaders Elder Dayton and Elder Ritchey came over from Trinidad to go on splits with Elder Huntsman and Elder Barton and to be part of the Witshire's (Isaac 11, Natalie 12, Adelline 15) baptism on January 30, 2009.
Hurrah for Isreal!

The baptism was held at Mt Irvine beach, which is popular surfing spot. You can see the surfer in the background. We had walked back into the trees for privacy to a small chuck of sand to hold our service, but the surfers head out that way to catch the good waves. The tide was coming in and most of us got our feet wet before the service was over. It had been raining heavily the evening before and all day until about 3:00 pm. We did the baptism about 5:00 and it rained some more after we returned home. It was a special baptism service.

They are awesome young people, such sweet spirits. They have been ready to be baptized for a few weeks, but we have been waiting for Leo, age 20, and the father figure in the home, to be ready as well. Their mom is finally listening to the missionaries. Their father died from Denge Fever a few months ago and he was investigating the church. Leo has had dreams that indicate his dad is urging them to be baptized but Leo doesn't see it yet. He is a strong Seventh Day Adventist, which is the dominent Christian religion on the island. He attends his church on Saturday then comes to ours, very often late even though the other kids are already there. They are within walking distance of the branch (not a short walk!). Leo plans to attend Sunday when the three are confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It will be a fast Sunday.

President Ramkissoon and his wife Pamela (not pictured) also attended the baptismal service. His talk on baptism was excellent and he shared some good advice with them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Happy Birthday Steve and Seth!
We love you,
G & G Ross

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birds on a Wire

Cocrico's running along the electrical wires!

The Bare-eyed Thrush is about 9.5 inches long and the Tropical Mockingbird is a little bigger at 10 inches.

I love the Blue-crowned Motmot. They are so pretty. They are about 18 inches long and they are called "King of the Woods".

The Cocrico as the Rufous-Vented Chachalaca is commonly known, is the national bird of Tobago and is on the country's coat of arms. It isn't found in Trinidad. They are 22 inches long and remind one of a turkey. I have seen a couple put their tail up and then they really look more like a turkey. They have an extremely loud call. Don't you love the guy without his head feathers! He looks like a cartoon character. He acted very healthy and pushed the other guy out of the way for food.

These pictures were all taken at the Grafton Bird Sanctury except the 'bird on a wire" was near the stadium where we often walk in the morning.

Politial Rally

We arrived at the branch building this morning at 9 am for seminary to find a parking lot full of yellow shirts. Tomorrow is Election Day in Tobago and the troops were gathering to motorcade up the island to Roxborough and then to Moriah and back to Scarborough. A huge truck full of speakers was also assembled, which was joined by a couple more as the morning progressed.

Just as we began sacrament meeting at 10:00, so did the music and the narrative from the parking lot. We struggled through the sacrament and dismissed at 10:20. (We were grateful for our PA system so we could hear the prayers) The troops outside started lining up and leaving the parking lot about 10:30. We all stood around trying to talk, since no one could leave the parking lot through all the vehicles full of rally attendees. The conversation was scanty because by now the music was full blast since the trucks of speakers were the last to leave. The road out to the highway was in gridlock, so we cut down through Scarborough, the opposite way, and then to the highway to our home, arriving about 11:30. Fortunately, we live the opposite way of Roxborough from the branch building.

The good thing, we are totally prepared for next week’s lesson and the sacrament meeting speakers are ready.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009's first baptism for Tobago

Lynda Quashie and Elder Barton

Elder Barton, Lynda, President Robison, Elder Huntsman

Today Linda was baptized at Stone Haven Bay, one of our favorite places for baptisms, by President Robison, who is here on vacation with a daughter and her family. We also have the AP's visiting and doing splits with our missionaries. The Caribbean was unusually rough and noisy for the baptism service, but in spite of it, we had a great service conducted by Elder Ross. What a special day! for a special lady.